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Concerning the project

    The main task of the project "History of ancient craft" is to co-ordinate the investigations carried out by the specialists in various historical disciplines, first of all archaeologists, historians, and ethnologists occupied with the history of the early manufacturing. The site "History of ancient craft" is proposed to function as a centre of general use intended for the wide circles of specialists in archaeology, history, ethnography engaged in the problems of early production, as well as for those interested in the questions designated in the project, including artisans, museum specialists, specialists in local lore, school and college teachers, and the lecturers of institutes of higher education.

    The site "History of ancient craft" comprises the following sections:

    "The Teacher" is devoted to Boris Aleksandrovich Kolchin, the founder of the new trend in Russian archaeology based on the investigations of archaeological objects with the application of the methods of natural sciences.

    On "News" page we publish brief information on conferences, new monographs concerning ancient craft, experimental works in the field of simulation of ancient production processes.

      "History of pottery" makes the visitors acquainted with the activity of the group of the same name working in the Institute of Archaeology, RAS.

    Section "Articles on-line" provides the possibility to form an idea on new investigations concerning the history of ancient crafts. We should like to draw the attention of the potential authors to the important advantage of the electronic publications as compared to the traditional papers: namely, the size of electronic publication is practically unlimited. Moreover, the author has a good opportunity to distribute any number of illustrations, including colour ones. In this section Russian versions of the articles of the leading European and American scholars are published.

    Section "Bibliography" is the database of scientific publications on the blacksmith's craft (Access system).

    In section "Folklore" the visitor can find the extracts from ancient and modern written sources dealing with the descriptions of craftsmen and their work, as well as original images of different artisans and the tools they used.

    Section "References" contains the addresses of the sites discussing the problems of ancient craft. Each address is accompanied by brief annotation due which the visitors can form an idea on the site character, the trend it follows, and the organisation it represents.

    The authors of the projects would be extremely grateful to the site visitors for constructive suggestions on the improvement of structure, design, the matters published, and so forth.
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